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Reverse Logistics

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Reverse Logistics as you better know it as, is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. Now, after the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility Law under the E-waste Rules 2016 by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, has taken a much awaited turn on making the process a must for all Producers of Electronics in India.

As in “the process of moving goods from their typical individual consumer / bulk consumer destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. Remanufacturing and Refurbishing activities also has been included in the definition of reverse logistics.

“Growing green concerns and advancement of green supply chain management concepts and practices make it all the more relevant. The number of publications on the topic of reverse logistics have increased significantly over the past two years. The concept was further refined in subsequent implementation since it’s implication for test-run from 2012, the reverse logistics process includes the management and the sale of surplus as well as returned equipment and machines from the hardware leasing business. Normally, logistics deal with events that bring the product towards the customer. In the case of reverse logistics, the resource goes at least one step back in the supply chain. For instance, goods move from the customer to the distributor or to the manufacturer and finally to the recycling facility or re-manufacturing facility.

When a manufacturer’s product normally moves through the supply chain network, it is to reach the distributor or customer. Any process or management after the delivery of the product involves reverse logistics and that is what we will be activating along with you at a PAN-India level. If the product is defective, the customer would return the product. The manufacturing firm would then have to organise shipping of the defective product, testing the product, dismantling, repairing, recycling or disposing the product. The product would travel in reverse through the supply chain network in order to retain any use from the defective product. The logistics for such matters is intense and hence we have decided on enabling the process through your existing network.

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